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The Church of the Revelation was founded by Johnny Rhondo on August 8, 1978, in Arlington, Texas.  It was formed only after years of study and the attainment of his own Gnosis.  For his insight and dedication to the principles of Gnosis he has been given titular authority of the organization and bears the formal title of Visionary. 

The very idea of a Gnostic church is foreign to traditional Gnostic thought.  Nonetheless, it became obvious that the only way Gnosticism could survive in our changing world was to become less esoteric and more public.  The Visionary realized that it was the highly individualistic nature of Gnostics and their abhorrence of organized religion that resulted in their near demise in previous centuries.  He sought to develop an organization that preserved individualism and still provide the strength that only numbers can afford.    

He conceived the idea of a church without the limitations of walls.  A force that could reach beyond the confines of time and space and become one with the universe.  Thus was created the Church of the Revelation.  Fortunately, he had the support of Gnostics in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and slowly the organization began to grow.  In 1978, the church received exempt tax status from the State of Texas.

When the central temple was moved to the Houston area in 1980, the church embarked on a new era of growth.  This growth ultimately extended Gnostic influences beyond the borders of the United States to Canada and Mexico.    In 1980, the church received tax exempt status from the United States Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service. 

After leaving a well-entrenched organization in Texas, the Visionary moved his activities to Southern California in 1986.  In 1993, the church received tax exempt status from the State of California.  Since that time the church has channeled its efforts into making in roads into the media that is the key to the transmission of Gnosis to the world.  During this time, and ever so slowly, more and more Gnostics have entered the fold.

Even though the focus of the Church of the Revelation has always been New World Gnosticism, it both accepts, and welcomes as members the other major factions of Gnosticism, that can include the Gnosis of the Old World, Taoism, Mithraism, certain Buddhist sects, Australian Aboriginal Gnosis, and even the most obscure and esoteric Gnostic sect.  Each of these branches of Gnosticism have always been considered to be part of the Gnostic whole even though they may each differ in their approaches to enlightenment, and within the Church, each of these sects may follow their own respective beliefs.  The Church of the Revelation believes that all Gnostics share the overriding belief of the importance of the individual over the group and in the absolute right of the individual to make the decisions that will increase knowledge, well being, and rewards along the road to enlightenment.  

Today the Church of the Revelation is embarked on a worldwide campaign to bring the benefits of Gnosis to the world.  From the communication center of the world, the Visionary has brought his influence to the media, the internet, and the entertainment industry.  Along with the recently released book The Immortal Within, the Visionary plans to bring the message of Gnosis to the world.  

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